Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wedding Arch Ideas for Spring

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Hello and welcome to my Blog. I have created this blog post to share with you ideas for making beautiful Floral Arrangements, Wedding Arches, Wedding Floral Centerpieces for your special occasion, or your home. You will be surprised on what you can create when given just a little advice and direction. We all look at bridal magazines and dream. We then try to find ideas that we can afford and that fit our style and budget.

Glamor and Glitz doesn’t have to be for just the rich and famous when there are so many affordable ways to create the same look. If you want a beautiful Wedding Arch for your wedding or fabulous centerpiece and you have to keep cost down, I can tell you how to do this. I will tell you where to buy the products and present to you pictures of some of my ideas on this site. Each week I will add more pictures and ideas that will help you design, create, build, and save you money. More and More stores like Michael’s Arts & Crafts are making it easier for people to do it themselves and making products more available to the consumer.

The first Wedding Arch I would like to talk about is the 8ft tall by 4.5 ft wide  
Bridal Gown Arch

1-Pre-Lite Arch (All Occasion Arch) Purchased at Michaels
2-Spools of wide white Ribbon (Celebrate It) Purchased at Michael’s
1-Package of White Tulle 30 yds. ( found in wedding section at Michael’s
5- 6ft white flower garlands by (Ashland Classic Traditions)
Purchased at Michael’s
2- Bushes of white roses found at Old Time Pottery(Michael’s also carries white rose bushes in their spring bush collections).
1- Package of white pipe cleaners, (used to tie garland and tulle onto Arch. Purchased at Michael's
1- Large Tiger Lilly Stem (Classic Traditions) found in the stem section at Michael's
If you visit the Michaels site you can register with them and they will send you coupons.      

1. Build your arch using the directions included in the box. Lights come with this arch on a net that clip on. It is not necessary to put the lights on if you don’t need them. The Arch comes with metal stakes to put into the ground to keep it more secure, however if you work on it inside your home you may want to stabilize it some way, I propped mine up against the wall to make it easier, you will need a ladder to get to the high spots. This arch is fine for on the lawn, but in extreme windy conditions I would recommend a much stronger one.

2. The next step is the ribbon. I start from the bottom on the left side and wrap the ribbon around the arch, the first spool of ribbon should take you to the middle of the top of arch, then you start with the second bolt and start where you left off until you reach the bottom of the right side.
3. The next step is taking two of the white flowered garlands and braid them together so that it is one piece. I wrap it around the middle of one side of the arch it should go around twice and then tie it together using the white pipe cleaner pieces. I repeat that same sequence on the other side.
4. I take the tulle and drape it down several feet and then I come up with it, as if it were the train of a bridal dress and then I attach it to the cross pole on the side of the arch underneath the garland of white roses. Without cutting the tulle I repeat that process at least 3 times, make sure it’s long as shown in my picture. After you’ve done one side you can cut from the main spool of tulle. Then you can repeat that process on the other side of the arch.  (Remember to reserve about a 10ft piece that you will put at the top of the Arch, to represent the Bridal veil.)
5. You have one garland left, I fold it in half and keep it together using a pipe cleaner tie, and then I tie it on to the middle of the top of the arch. You may have to pull the ribbon away to get to the metal to tie it on.
6. I take the two rose bushes and clip the roses off from the stems and randomly hot glue the roses into the garland that was wrapped around the sides, and on the top of the arch, this is to add different shades of white to make it more interesting and soft.
7. Take the one Tiger Lilly stem and cut off the two flowers on it, I hot glue the flowers into the middle of the top of the arch in with the white floral garland and added roses. 
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  1. This is beautiful! It was so easy to do and was the perfect touch to my wedding. Simple, classic, beautiful. I hope to see more and i will send my friends your way! Thank you!

  2. Wow, I never knew it could be so easy to create a beautiful arch, looking for ideas, thanks

  3. I really like the arch. i am going to make one this spring for my daughters wedding. thank you.

  4. This looks great!! I am on a tight budget for my wedding, do you happen to have the ending total for this arch?